Forsíða TREND Vertu eins LJÓT og þú getur! – Nýtt trend hjá stelpum!

Vertu eins LJÓT og þú getur! – Nýtt trend hjá stelpum!

Það kemur nýtt trend á Internetinu í hverri viku. Sumt er alveg hrikalegt en það sem er að ganga núna er alveg þokkalega skemmtilegt.

Þar eiga stelpur að taka tvær myndir af sér. Á annari myndinni eiga þær að vera venjulegar og sætar. En á hinni myndinni eiga þær að gretta sig og reyna að vera eins ljótar og hægt er.

Þetta er fín leið til að bjóta upp þessa hugsun að við þurfum alltaf að vera fullkomin.

Is that you? One woman bares her teeth and shows off an impressive double chin in these before and after selfies uploaded to social media, part of the 'pretty girls looking ugly' fad

Proving that selfies can be deceiving, this young woman is uncrecognisable in her three different selfies shared on the Reddit thread which has 42,000 subscribers

Not holding back! This woman proves she has a healthy sense of humour as she looks like an entirely different person in her second snap with a number of double chins

This woman captioned her snap: 'And God said, let there be chins'. Female users are instructed to take a 'normal' headshot of themselves and then follow it up with an ugly one

Not her best angle! A busy brunette sticks out her tongue while accentuating her double chins in this 'ugly' selfie, part of a gallery which has emerged online

Not a flattering angle: The women are encouraged to take the ugliest shot possible, with one Reddit thread devoted to the pictures attracting some 42,000 subscribers

Two before and after pictures of this pretty blonde woman show her best and worst angles. She is one of hundreds of women who have jumped on board the 'ugly selfie' craze

Fooling around! This attractive brunette is barely recognisable in her second photo. Hundreds of women have uploaded their 'ugly' selfies on social media

Look at me now! One woman sticks out her tongue and scrunches up her face in a bid to look as unattractive as possible. The selfie lovers certainly don't hold back in their efforts

Fooling around: One woman strikes an unconventional pose as she sticks out her lips and chins - proving the important of good lighting and a flattering pose

Lost for words: Stripped of her makeup, this woman could almost be a different person in her 'ugly' snap (left) which she sportingly uploaded alongside a more traditional headshot

Say cheese! This woman smiles for the camera and gives am enthusiastic thumbs-up in her 'ugly' selfie, right, which appears to have been taken in the shower

Contorting her face and opting for the least flattering angle possible, it's hard to believe these two pictures, posted side by side, are of the same woman

Terrifying: This woman appears to have deliberately picked her least flattering angle in a bid to show the stark contrast between her 'pretty' and 'ugly' selfies uploaded to the web

Point and shoot: Many of the pictures appear to have been taken at home, at work or on the go. This woman's sultry shot was posted alongside an unflattering close-up (right)

Third time lucky! This pretty blonde woman shared not one but two ugly selfie alongside a normal headshot, in a series of pictures which appear to have been taken from inside the car

This girl loses her makeup and opts for an unflattering stance in her attempt at an 'ugly' selfie. Additional images appear on Tumblr with the tags 'pretty girl ugly face' and 'ugly selfie'

Double chins, squinty eyes and an absent gaze all feature in this woman's unflattering selfie. The hashtags #prettygirluglyface and #uglyselfie are also popular on Instagram

No holding back! The women clearly aren't concerned about what they look like. For males interested in partaking in the fad, Handsome Guys Ugly Faces launched on Reddit in 2013

Contorting her face and sticking her tongue out, this woman proves she knows how to laugh at herself. Dozens of 'ugly face' threads have sprung up on sites like Tumblr and Reddit

This brunette woman's 'ugly' selfie highlights her double chins. The trend is believed to have started in 2012 after Reddit user Catness_NeverClean uploaded her ugly selfie online

This blonde isn't afraid to show off her best 'ugly selfie'. On one Reddit thread dedicated to the hilarious snaps, users are told to show 'how contorted and hideous you can make your face'

Showing off her silly side: Women submitting their photos online are encouraged to 'give constructive feedback on how users can make their faces uglier or otherwise'