Forsíða Lífið Þrettán DÝPSTU staðir í heimi! – MYNDIR

Þrettán DÝPSTU staðir í heimi! – MYNDIR

Það er eitthvað einstaklega svalt við þessa 13 staði, enda eru þetta dýpstu staðir í öllum heiminum – sem gefur þeim strax dularfullan blæ.

En það er ekkert sem toppar þessa tilteknu staði innan síns flokks, það er bara þannig:

1. Y-40 Deep Joy pool – the deepest indoor swimming pool in the world is located in Italy. It reaches a depth of 40 meters which is equivalent to the height of a 14-story building.


Y 40

2. Great Guatemalan Sinkhole – a sinkhole with a depth measuring 325 feet is located in the middle of Guatemala City.

3. Dragon Hole – it is the deepest known blue hole in the world. It is located in the South China Sea and is roughly estimated to be 987 feet deep.

Dragon Hole

4. Nongle sinkhole – a team of Chinese-British speleologists discovered a massive natural sinkhole in the Limestone Mountains of Nongle in southern China.

Nongle Sinkhole

Nongle Sinkhole

5. Mir Mine – a 1,722 feet deep inactive diamond mine located in Russia. Helicopters flying over the mine can be sucked into it by downward airflow.

6. Lake Baikal – the deepest freshwater lake in the world with a depth of 5,387 feet. It holds 20% of the world’s fresh water reserve.

Lake Baikal

7. Veryovkina Cave – the deepest cave on Earth descends over 7,257 feet deep into the Earth’s crust and consists of a lake at the surface.

8. Jinping underground laboratory – the deepest building in the world is located 7,900 feet below the earth. The depth is equivalent to seven Empire State Buildings stacked on top of one another.

Jinping Underground Laboratory

Jinping Underground Laboratory

9. Mponeng Gold Mine – holds the record for world’s deepest gold mine with depths reaching over 10,560 feet. The facility pumps ice slurry to regulate the temperature to below 30°C inside the mine.

10. Davidson Seamount – the largest and deepest known seamount is 7,480 feet tall, yet its summit is still 4,101 feet below the sea’s surface.

Davidson Seamount

11. Challenger Deep – the deepest known point in the Earth’s oceans measuring 36,070 feet below sea level. If Mt. Everest were placed at this location, it would be covered by over one mile of water.

12. Kola Borehole – an abandoned borehole known as the deepest artificial point on the Earth. The 40,000 feet deep man-made hole is shielded by a small metal cover.

Kola Borehole

13. Z-44 Chayvo Well – belonging to Project Sakhalin-1, it is the world’s deepest extended-reach oil well located offshore to the east of Russia. It reaches a whopping 40,604 feet into the seabed.

Chayvo Well