Forsíða TREND Þetta er Instagram síða með sjóðheitar stúlkur í ísraelska hernum – MYNDIR

Þetta er Instagram síða með sjóðheitar stúlkur í ísraelska hernum – MYNDIR

The Hot Israeli Army Girls er síða sem er með meira en 34.500 fylgjendur. Á henni eru ísraelskar stúlkur í hernum – en það er herskylda í landinu hjá öllum um 18 ára aldur.

Síðan er með myndir af meira en 2000 stúlkum – en nokkrar af þeim má sjá hér að neðan.


The Hot Israeli Army Girls page dedicated to beuatiful female soldiers already has more than 34,500 followersPictures of the women posing in their military uniform are juxtaposed with their bikini picturesThe Instagram fan page features pictures of more than 2,000 different stunning soldiersAll Jewish Israeli citizens are required to complete national service at the age of 18, and some of the women will end up in frontline rolesMany of the women have shared holiday snaps, as they take a break from their intensive and gruelling military careerThe girls spend their days in the army at the same age their British counterparts may be studying at universityCompulsory national service explains why so many young and beautiful women have chosen a military careerThe Instagram account encourages followers to send in pictures of beautiful female troopsThe women pictured on the account are mostly in their late teens and early twentiesMany of the sexy snaps shared online by the women themselves shoe them sunning themselves in bikinis or posing in their underwearIsraeli girls must serve at least two years in the armed forces, but these women are showing that it doesn't stop them having funAlthough the women have familiarise themselves with heavy weaponry and gruelling training, they are not afraid to show off their fun, playful side