Forsíða Íþróttir Ragnheiður Sara þurfti óvænt að HÆTTA keppni – ,,Stundum er lífið ósanngjarnt...

Ragnheiður Sara þurfti óvænt að HÆTTA keppni – ,,Stundum er lífið ósanngjarnt og fer ekki samkvæmt áætlun.“ – MYNDIR

Ragnheiður Sara Sigmundsdóttir er svo sannarlega kona sem við Íslendingar getum verið stoltir af – ein sterkasta kona heims og æðisleg fyrirmynd fyrir stelpur alls staðar í heiminum. 

Því miður þá lenti Ragnheiður Sara í slæmu atviki á heimsleikunum í CrossFit og þurfti að hætta keppni:

Sometimes things are unfair and don´t go as planned☹️

I have never been as well prepared for The CrossFit Games as I was this year but early on in the competition something happened and my ribs got really sore and bruised. I was in a bit of denial and decided to tough it out. In the „Marathon row“ the pain went a way as soon as had hit 10 km, so I thought this couldn´t be that bad. Afterwards the pain got so much worse of course. I started Friday, still in denial, and after the „Clean and jerk ladder“ pain killers had become my best friend. I decided to keep on pushing today regardless of all the alarm bells but once I started warming up for events 9 and 10 the pain had become so bad that I could not bend over to do a snatch or complete a muscle up on the bar.

It is one of the hardest things I have ever had to do in my life but I have decided to withdraw from the competition due to a stress fracture injury on my rib.

This desicion is made after a consultation with my coach and doctors. There was only one decision to be made, and as much as I hate the fact that I am not going to finish this competition I know that this is the only right way to proceed.

I will give a better and more detailed explanation on all of this when I know more but one thing is for sure. I´ll be back!!!

Love, Sara