Forsíða Lífið Kiwi og GOTH kærastan hans voru að eignast 4 börn – og...

Kiwi og GOTH kærastan hans voru að eignast 4 börn – og Internetið er ástfangið! – MYNDIR

Hún Maura Hennelly deildi ástarsögu á Twitter sem Internetið varð gjörsamlega ástfangið af – og það merkilega er að þessi magnaða saga sem hefur heillað svo marga, er ástarsaga páfagauka.

Maura Hennelly shared a truly beautiful story of her lovebirds and people fell in love with it

Meet Kiwi, and adorable colorful boy

Mid-2017 Maura noticed that he was sad and lonely

So she got him a girlfriend

It looked like the relationship was going to be great

But sadly it didn’t work out and Kiwi was alone again

Soon after that Maura got him a beautiful goth girlfriend, named Siouxsie

People fell head over heels for the cute couple

The parakeets were drastically different

But that did not stop them from loving each other

They were really close

And soon they started building a nest

Later Maura shared the news that Siouxsie was about to lay eggs

Next images showed that the couple had 4 babies on the way

Babies incoming!

Three of the four birdies

They were growing so fast

Soon the baby parakeets started showing some impressive colors

Family photo


All of the babies

The couple even had some fan art!