Forsíða Hugur og Heilsa Hún skilur loksins af hverju mæður fremja sjálfsmorð – Umræðan sem pósturinn...

Hún skilur loksins af hverju mæður fremja sjálfsmorð – Umræðan sem pósturinn hennar skapaði er mikilvæg!

Facebook færslan hennar hennar Krysti Marie Motter er heldur betur búin að vekja athygli frá því að hún setti hana inn – og vonandi verður þetta til þess að skapa umræðu um þetta mikilvæga mál.

Krysti skilur nefnilega lokins af hverju mæður fremja sjálfsmorð.

I get it. I finally get it. You see moms committing suicide. And I couldn’t understand it. How do you leave your kids behind like that? Postpartum depression is what they call it. You don’t feel like the world would be better off without you, you feel like you’d be better off without this world. And then everybody posts, “oh, I never knew. She didn’t say anything. She seemed okay.” ……. She told you. And it seemed small to you, you didn’t get it. Behind on life, can’t get anything done. Everything is expected of her and she’s drowning. She lost herself taking care of others. She’s told you, “I can’t today. I have too much to do” Don’t offer to help with her kids because then the guilt sets in. She won’t let you take them because she feels like she’s already not spending enough time with them. I see it. I see you. I understand you. Y’all wanna check on somebody? Stop by and visit, let her take a shower, help her in some way so she feels like she’s not so behind. Like she’s not alone. Like she’s HUMAN. There’s your signs. Stop saying you didn’t know. Because she told you.
Photographer: Taylor LaKae Rawlings

EDIT: Since people are big mad and threatening me over a FACEBOOK post, I’ll just say this. Yes, some of this came from someone else’s post. I added a lot of personal things to it and corrected errors. I shared it to my small group of friends and multiple people were asking me to make it public so I did. I never claimed to have written it, I just shared her idea. But whether you agree with it or not, 101k people have shared this. That means 101k people are finally TALKING about it. And that’s huge! As moms, we need all the support we can get. And like one of my friends said,
“Everything everyone writes is copied from someone else. The whole point is, that everyone needs to be more aware of PPD.” I have struggled and struggled and struggled with post partum depression for two years. It needs to be talked about!!