Forsíða Afþreying ,,Game of Thrones er leikin útgáfa af Shrek“ – Sýndi fram á...

,,Game of Thrones er leikin útgáfa af Shrek“ – Sýndi fram á það með þessum 17 myndum!

Ef að einhver hefði reynt að bera saman Game of Thrones og Shrek áður en ég sá myndirnar hér fyrir neðan þá hefði ég kallað viðkomandi rugludall – hvernig í ósköpunum gæti þetta tvennt átt nokkuð sameiginlegt?

En Twitter notandinn @ohmytargaryen, eða Stark eins og hann kallar sig, vill meina að Game of Thrones sé í raun leik útgáfa af Shrek og hann deildi þessum myndum til að sanna sitt mál.

Someone on Twitter just pointed out that ‘Game of Thrones’ is a live action version of ‘Shrek’ and the internet is losing its mind

The similarities are endless from the costume design inspirations

To the cinematography (maybe not as climactic in animation)

Of course, we can’t forget the intelligent and empathetic dragon characters in both

Are the Dothraki really that savage or are they just misunderstood?

Other fans joined the thread with even more plot similarities

Come on the adorable Podrick sure does look a lot like human Shrek

Arya and Puss in Boots definitely could go head to head in a duel

Hmm there certainly are a lot of character doppelgangers between the two. Fiesty, smirking, with plenty of tricks up her sleeve, Olenna Tyrell was the closest thing to a ‘Fairy Godmother’ on GOT

Two short men with large personalities and styles, however, Tyrion Lannister would make no doubt a better ruler than Lord Farquaad

Much like Jon Snow, King Harold’s true (frog) identity was not revealed until later – and it still made no difference

Hold the door! There is a giant gingerbread barreling through