Forsíða TREND Fyrirsætan Olivia Culpo sat fyrir nakin í „In Her Own Words“ herferðinni...

Fyrirsætan Olivia Culpo sat fyrir nakin í „In Her Own Words“ herferðinni – Hún valdi orðin sem eru skrifuð á líkamann hennar – MYNDIR

What an incredible experience to be a part of the „In her own words“ campaign. It is an honor to be able to continue the conversation around women, our bodies, and our strengths. When I first heard about the shoot, I was not only nervous about being physically exposed but also being so emotionally exposed. All of the words and phrases I chose for my body are a reflection of my fears, insecurities, and struggles. It took intense self-reflection which can be challenging but I knew if I could be completely candid then more women might realize we are much more alike than we think. We struggle in so many of the same ways. We are all so beautiful when we have the courage to make ourselves vulnerable and real- – And we should never be ashamed! Thanks @si_swimsuit, @mj_day and @taylorbphoto for allowing me to take this journey. I respect the women who are in this issue so much and I am grateful for the honesty and strength that made this campaign so meaningful. We are changing the world!

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Olivia Culpo er gífurlega stolt af þátttöku hennar í „In Her Own Words“ herferð Sports Illustrated Swimsuit útgáfunnar – eins og sést á Instagram færslu hennar hér fyrir ofan.

Vulnerable beauty: Olivia Culpo nearly bared all as she took part in the empowering photo series, gushing about her experience appearing in the #Me Too-inspired photo shoot on Wednesday

#MeToo hreyfingin varð til þess að Sports Illustrated ákvað að vera með „In Her Own Words“ herferðina.

Stand up: Her SI feature is part of the 'In her own words' campaign

Orðin ,,Kona“ ,,Styrkur“ ,,Ást Umbreytir“ voru meðal þeirra sem voru teiknuð á hana – en Olivia valdi öll orðin sem eru skrifuð á líkamann hennar.

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Í framhaldinu munu margar aðrar fyrirsætur taka þátt í herferðinni og velja þær orðin sem verða skrifaðar á þær.