Forsíða Afþreying Fjörutíu FYNDIN hönnunarmistök – Hverjum datt þessi snjallræði í hug? – MYNDIR

Fjörutíu FYNDIN hönnunarmistök – Hverjum datt þessi snjallræði í hug? – MYNDIR

Það ótrúlegasta við öll hönnunarmistök sem maður sér er að enginn í framleiðsluferlinu hafi nokkurn tímann sagt neitt sem varð til þess að koma í veg fyrir þetta.

En það góða er að við fáum í staðinn að hlæja að þessu – hér eru fjörutíu fyndin hönnunarmistök:

#1 Just what the doctor ordered! A shower perfectly designed for people who broke their necks.


#2 Either this was planned or it’s the best coincidence ever…


#3 Definitely one to laugh at! These kids better run carefully because it’s not easy to hold each other’s left hands.


#4 Only introverts would want to spend their time there.


#5 Whoever made this clearly has lots of experience behind a dozen more design fails.


#6 The upside is that at least no one can just go right behind you without looking suspicious!


#7 This bus ad is portraying a bad image towards drinking soda.


#8 I wonder which animal planet has giraffes that look like that.


#9 As well as producing web, Spider-Man can also fire out sheets of tissue.


#10 Interesting advertising technique…

Epic Toy Design Fails elmo hug

#11 False advertising at its finest…

Epic Toy Design Fails poppy ball

#12 When android is low key trying to put itself out there.


#13 Apparently, putting salt on pigeons is not allowed.


#14 And the owner of this gym wonders why they have no members signing up.


#15 This ‘tree’ sculpture was erected in Paris.

Christmas Design Fails giant but plug sculpture

#16 The perfect inflatable mattress designed for reading my magazine.


#17 What on earth were they thinking with this one? Epic fail!


#18 Might as well call it the triangle sphere.


#19 They probably ran out of ink when painting the “NOT.”


#20 We will sure be having a “good” time!


#21 This straw placement hasn’t been very well thought out…

Epic Toy Design Fails buzz lightyear cup

#22 Where can we find this? It might come in handy someday.


#23 Why are the hands stuck like that?!

Epic Toy Design Fails figurines

#24 A secret urinal for shy people.

design fails

#25 With design fails like this, were not sure if this is something to be proud of.


#26 It’s like balloon designers do these things on purpose to play a joke on us all!

Epic Toy Design Fails spiderman balloon

#27 Wonder Woman has definitely seen better days…

Epic Toy Design Fails wonder woman scissors

#28 Now this is a complete waste of time.


#29 A store name like that would probably not get a lot of customers.


#30 The cyborg baby is born.


#31 Did the garage shrink down or did the car grow up?


#32 Because who doesn’t love cold, chocolate covered fingers?!

Amusing Epic Design Fails ice cream packaging

#33 Well, that was easy!

Amusing Epic Design Fails maze

#34 Unfortunate coincidence or sneaky designer?

Amusing Epic Design Fails wipes

#35 We refuse to believe that there wasn’t a better way to design this slide!

Amusing Epic Design Fails bouncy slide

#36 How did no one see this?!


#37 Transparency is good but never in a bathroom.


#38 Tell Jessica that she needs to hide her family right now.


#39 What did Bob the minion ever do to make him suffer like this?


#40 When life gives you lemons… make orange juice, apparently.

Amusing Epic Design Fails lemons perfect for orange juice