Forsíða TREND Ef þú varst búinn að gleyma: Svona voru Kim Kardashian systurnar …...

Ef þú varst búinn að gleyma: Svona voru Kim Kardashian systurnar … – MYNDIR

Kardashian systurnar hafa alltaf verið þekktar sem tískudrottningar … er það ekki?

Svarið við þessari spurningu er í hreinskilni sagt bara alls ekki!

Systurnar eru þekktustu andlit heims í dag en svoleiðis hefur það aldeilis ekki alltaf verið … Svona væru Kardashian systurnar í byrjun ofurstjörnutímabilsins … bara ef þú varst búinn að gleyma!

Ef við spólum aðeins til baka … til ársins 2008 …

Well, let's just rewind to 2008, shall we? A glorious time for coordinating spray tans and satin dresses.

Þá sjáum við blómatímabil sprey-brúnku og satínkjóla.

Satin dresses so enviable Kourtney made sure hers was photographed from every angle.

Og systurnar virðast einhvernvegin ekki alveg jafn glæsilegar.

It was a time for flesh-coloured leggings.

Voru þær yfir höfuð þekktar þarna?

And also very shiny ones.

Eða var þetta kannski málið árið 2008?

It was a time for interesting shades of green.

And matching white accessories.

Seriously, this was a legitimate thing.

In 2008, a trip to the beach wasn't just a trip to the beach. It was, in fact, a fashion opportunity.

A trip up the red carpet in 2008 was an excuse to wear those excellent trainers they definitely weren't being paid to promote.

And a chance to be daring.

Sometimes they liked to match.

Everyone knows that the key to a good New Year's Eve outfit is gold sequins and hairbands with HNY written on them.

Although often they decided to just completely clash because ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Like the time Kourtney didn't get the "On Wednesdays we wear bodycon" memo.

Or the "on Thursdays we wear dresses with interesting hemlines" memo.

But look at her smile here. It says, "Bitch I know I look fabulous in my yellow crocheted dress."

It's pretty clear that Kim reached her style peak with this ensemble.

And nowadays she just doesn't wear enough varying shades of beige.

And I'm not sure what Paris and Kim think they're doing wearing Givenchy and Balmain at the moment, because matching metallic dresses are clearly far superior.

Would 2015 Kourtney contemplate a patterned maxi dress so long you can't see her feet?

Would any of them even dream of wearing this much brown now?

You get the idea.

I'm also pretty sure Kanye wouldn't approve this silk scarf worn as a dress.

I say, ignore Kanye. Bring back the belts.