Forsíða Lífið Breskur 12 ára strákur sendir ÍSLENSKU þjóðinni skilaboð – „Þið þurfið ekki...

Breskur 12 ára strákur sendir ÍSLENSKU þjóðinni skilaboð – „Þið þurfið ekki að gera þetta“ – MYNDBAND

Hinn 12 ára gamli Oliver Hirons er frá Bretlandi og hann ákvað að senda íslensku þjóðinni þessi skilaboð.

Hvað sem manni finnst um skilaboðin sjálf þá er ansi flott að sjá 12 ára einstakling standa upp fyrir því sem hann trúir á.

Þetta er svo bréfið sem hann skrifaði, sem hann sendi forsætisráðherra Íslands og ferðamálaráði Íslands – og hvetur aðra til að gera slíkt hið sama:

My name is Oliver Hirons, a 12 year old kid from the UK. I have just spent 3 months in French Polynesia where I was lucky enough to swim with Humpback Whales. These animals are clearly highly intelligent who enjoy interacting with people, they would swim right up to my family and I. They also have very complex social interactions with each other and other species. Upon my return to the UK I am horrified to see that in Iceland you are still slaughtering Fin Whales and other whales species. I cannot understand how you are able to do this and not feel sorry for the creatures, especially as they are such clever, sentient beings.

I have also seen that you have a very successful whale watching industry where many people come to visit your country to see them. Surely if you keep killing these animals you will decline the population and therefore sightings of these whales for the tourists. This could mean less people come to visit your country to see the whales.

I also think that there is no need for you to kill the whales, you have plenty of other food sources and our world can live very easily without having to do this. It is a terrible way to die and very unnecessary.

You could get lots more money from whale watching than from whale meat and it is much, much better for our planet and the whales.

My family and I, along with many others, will never consider visiting your otherwise very beautiful country until this killing stops.

Please consider and think over my message.

Kind Regards