Forsíða TREND 18 ára Charlize Theron var vandræðalegt módel – MYNDIR

18 ára Charlize Theron var vandræðalegt módel – MYNDIR

Áður en leiklistarferill hennar tókst á loft reyndi Charlize Theron að vera módel. Þessar myndir voru nýlega grafnar upp en hún hefur, kannski eðlilega, ekki verið að auglýsa þetta tímabil lífs síns mikið.

Throwback: Never-before-seen head shots of Charlize Theron surfaced from her pre-fame days before she was discovered by talent manager John Crosby at the young age of 18 in 1994

Hún er töluvert ólík þeirri svölu leikkonu sem við sjáum í Mad Max.

Young age of 18: The Oscar winner was styled with slicked back jet black tresses, thick eyebrows, dark makeup and a drawn-on mole similar to that of Cindy Crawford's trademark

Henni þykir örugglega ekki kúl að reykja lengur…

Big break: Charlize's mother Gerda entered her in a modeling contest, in which she received an offer from an Italian scout and headed straight to Milan

Moving on: The ingenue quickly grew tired of being seen as only a model, telling People she became 'somebody beautiful who should not say a word'

Something different: 'Modeling just wasn't artistically satisfying for me because I like to say what's on my mind. And in that business, you stand there while they put what they want on you, like it or not'