Forsíða Lífið 17 hótelklúður sem eru svo SVAKALEG – að þau eru pínku snilld!...

17 hótelklúður sem eru svo SVAKALEG – að þau eru pínku snilld! – MYNDBAND

Þessi 17 hótelklúður eru vægast sagt svakaleg og það væri ekki nokkur leið að gleyma því ef maður myndi lenda á svona hóteli.

En þessi klúður eru svo svakaleg að þau verða eiginlega bara pínku snilld fyrir vikið:

1. Pick a faucet, any faucet.

2. “The motel sign said they had a gym.”

3. Shower Fires: The Silent Killer.

4. This should go without saying.

5. Don’t you dare use this ashtray for its intended purpose.

6. “This is on the bed in my hotel room.”

7. Forget everything you know about numbers.

8. Right this way to the… basement?

9. Every good hotel has a decorative staircase.

10. Okay, now it’s getting ridiculous.

11. That’s gonna be a steamy shower.

12. One door for both the bathroom and closet. Actually… this is genius.

13. A room without a view.

14. “We haven’t finished loading this part of the Matrix yet.”

15. Hope you weren’t planning on sharing this room.

16. Was this designed for Elastigirl?

17. No one’s gonna guess that one.