Forsíða Húmor 15 myndir sem gætu valdið „TRAUMA“ – en þær eru sárasaklausar

15 myndir sem gætu valdið „TRAUMA“ – en þær eru sárasaklausar

Hér er svo sannarlega ekki allt sem sýnist …virðist mjög dónalegt en er alveg sárasaklaust.

Tekur kannski smá tíma að fatta það samt.

One distinctly traumatising image showed a woman and a guy sitting on a bench laughing as they jostled with their friend. The happy snap was ruined somewhat however by the positioning of their pal's arm - and the woman's faceThese friends have sat in such a way that it looks as though they are up to something a little more risque than gossipingAs two girls jostled to snap a photo in the mirror, the photographer's arm inadvertently resembled their friend's naked backside This seemingly mundane snap of a girl applying mascara took on some seriously explicit connotations when you clocked her shadow One cute couple photo was ruined somewhat by the pink pom pom ends of her glovesOne viral photo shows a woman smiling as she leaned back and relaxed in a bubble-filled bath. Unfortunately when her elbows rested on either side of the tub, they resembled another part of her anatomyThis girl may have upped her posing game when she stepped onto her bed - but she didn't account for the patterns on the bedheadA trio of smiling girls, a man in shorts and a toddler's loose arm - what could possibly look wrong?This toddler's innocent grasp of their parent's thumb had catastrophic results when documented in photographIt's her feet! A woman documenting her pedicure during a pampering day looked more like an X-rated shot